LES for Internal Combustion Engine Flows [LES4ICE]

IFPEN / Rueil-Malmaison - 11-12 December 2018



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Topics considered for the abstracts submission


LES applications to ICE

  • LES for predicting & understanding non-cyclic engine phenomena: cyclic combustion variability, fast transients, extreme cycles, rare events, etc.
  • Predicting and characterising abnormal combustion (knock, superknock) with LES
  • Detailed LES studies of interactions between intake aerodynamics, fuel injection and combustion
  • LES of in-nozzle injector flows and its link to fuel sprays
  • High-fidelity LES of mixture preparation and combustion phenomena


Experiments for LES

  • Combined usage of advanced diagnostics and LES for yielding a better understand and mastering of  ICE flows
  • Methods allowing to extract meaningful information from large experimental and LES databases
  • Experimental techniques with a potential for supporting the development of LES
  • Experimental databases for validating LES (simplified geometries and engines)


LES methodology

  • Numerical methods adapted for LES
  • Quality criteria for LES of ICE flows
  • Mesh convergence studies of LES for ICE
  • Comparing & validating LES with experimental evidence
  • UQ adapted for LES of ICE


LES models for ICE flows

  • Sub-grid scale turbulence
  • Accounting for turbulent wall boundary layers
  • Fuel injection & fuel spray modelling
  • Turbulence-chemistry interaction
  • Accounting for detailed chemistry in LES


Abstract submission

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Notification of acceptance

Authors will be informed whether their abstract have been accepted or rejected by end of June 2018.


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